Apple extends the warranty repair to the Apple Watch first generation

Apple has given a very good news for all those users who have a Watch first generation Apple. this news is related to warranty that owns this complement for your iPhone. In this article you have this big announcement for users of Apple Watch.

the news, unveiled by 9to5Mac is related to problems emerging in the smart watch batteries from Apple. this problem that some users are experienced in its batteries is a deformation or swollen this something that might be disturbing. To be an error with the Watch, Apple is offered to repair it. And seeing the large expanse of this ruling, in Cupertino have taken the important decision to extend the warranty of service from one year to three years. This is an addition of 2 years. something that we had never seen by Apple. “

If you detect this problem in your Apple Watch, do not hesitate to go to your Apple Store

 Apple Watch first generation Apple Watch of first generation

this problem with the battery, as soon as detect it you should go as soon as possible to your Apple Store . This swelling can be appreciated at the base and even on the display of your Watch that scrolls. Something unusual in the batteries in Apple products. Although quiet, must not worry because Apple Watch go to exploit since for the time being has not been reported, fortunately, no case of this style.

this totally free warranty uplift is a decision that we value very positively. Although do not think that the extended warranty covers any failure of the Apple Watch. stated that this extension will only cover the swollen battery-related problems.

 Apple Watch first generation Apple Watch first generation

this decision taken by Apple received it with open arms, since you are giving more life to this add nothing cheap. The Cupertino might have proposed acquiring a more recent version of the Apple Watch to solve this problem, but no, commitment to its users is great and like no, the after sales service is 10.

in addition, Apple is very attentive to the support forums where all users have reported this bug. Thanks to reports, Cupertino have been able to investigate in this problem and give a solution as it has been the extension of warranty.

have ever experienced this problem? What do you think of warranty extension for Apple Watch first generation? leave your answers in the comments box.

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