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 Apple Pay on iPhone with Carrefour pass

Apple Pay has been successful according to the latest figures that I have collected of the fiscal results in recent quarters. Growth that has had has been overwhelming and has been something positive for Cupertino, however, which has had on banks and some users has not been expected. the legal battles that has had to deal with Apple that service be taken into account as a valid primary mode of payment has cost him, and this produces a low level of concern for Apple, according to The Wall Street Journal.

risks of credit cards make hesitate to consumers

on the one hand, U.S. consumers are aware of the dangers that face by paying with credit cards, but the security becomes priority when discussing pay with the iPhone. more than 60% of the population in this country is not familiar with mobile payments (or contact). Stores the country have accepted Apple Pay input, but department stores such as Target and Walmart have not accepted this Alliance.

Apple Pay has not been promoted as other Apple products

relations at Wells Fargo Chief attributes that consumers have not found sufficiently attractive reason to use it. Same Apple executives have found “forced” to promote it but Similarly, the attractive reason not seen anywhere. 

Apple expect consumers to accept Apple Pay as happened with iTunes in 2003. Executives consider that it is faster and safer than traditional payment systems. When retailers did not support the entry of Apple Pay, Apple executives had to promote it to like out place and insist to own retailers to invest in it.

Apple has to comply with what it has achieved to this day, technology continues to advance and payments are still transforming to the point of not having to go to a bank to manage our money.

Apple Pay register good numbers in the tax reports  Carrefour PASS Apple Pay

as I mentioned it at the beginning, Apple Pay has positive numbers. 30 million dollars during the last fiscal year, representing a small part where 24.35 billion dollars belong to the sector of services of Apple. Revenues could be doubled in regards to Apple Pay until 2021. 

for now, must go to the place that suits you and raise a better strategy that allows them to reach more countries and position itself as a reliable option. Perhaps it is time that Apple display full arsenal of marketing which is known to make Apple Pay may have the boom that deserves.

so what has been your experience with Apple Pay in Spain? is worth it? Share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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