Apple developed its own chips for power management

Apple working apparently on own chips füŕ power management in iPhone and iPad are used to. A financial analyst told and brought the share price so the Anglo-Apple supplier dialog semiconductor to crash.

 Apple (image: Apple)

dialog supplies the iPhone manufacturer with such integrated circuits, which are referred to as PMIC (power management integrated circuits) and to help extend the critical mobile devices battery life. It’s from Apple as large customers with a turnover of depending on estimated over 70 percent.

an investor report of analyst Karsten Iltgen specialized on Apple by the Bankhaus Lampe triggered the decline. “We see strong evidence that Apple wants to replace a PMIC component, which is currently supplied by dialog already 2019 through your own customized chips,” said Ibraheem. He relied on industry sources, who say to Apple building development centers for power management in Munich, as well as California. Apple deal already about 80 engineers, working on an own power management chip.

Reuters looks at a “source familiar with the matter” as confirmed that Apple has hired important dialog engineers in Munich. “Poaching like crazy”, the news agency quoted an informant.

the course which dialog shares fell by 30 percent, recovered but now back partly to a minus 15 percent. The sharp drop was probably strengthened because of the rapid decline of an other Apple supplier still in fresh memory was. Earlier this month the British graphic specialist Imagination Technologies announced that Apple works on an own iPhone GPU and want to get in at least two years on a self-developed graphic design. Because the iPhone maker has licensed the chip designs by imagination and the British company could lose half of its revenues, its share price fell on the day of this communication by over 60 percent.

an investor communication by Barclays research but sees a completely different situation at dialog semiconductor and is less pessimistic about its prospects. Apple’s 80-strong team of developers is still far behind the 1300 employees of dialog will stay behind. The chip maker also have crucial intellectual property rights, which could not handle Apple. Barclays is assumed therefore a panic reaction of investors, since the news about dialogue shortly after the imagination release came and this led to hasty conclusions. DISPLAY

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