Apple deprecated the MacBook 13 “of 2010, characterized by its plastic construction

today Apple has updated its list of products vintage and obsolete by adding a new laptop. In this case 2010 13-inch MacBook, characterized by its plastic manufacturing has become an obsolete Apple product. 

a MacBook characteristic for its color and plastic

Apple designer began these products considered of ‘shell’ for its white color and plastic or polycarbonate in 2009 and could be found both in white and black . This type of MacBook was on sale for a few years, until the arrival of the MacBook Air in 2011 .

 MacBook 2010 - plastic MacBook white and polycarbonate.

One device to the list of obsolete Macs

this MacBook along with other models of devices Pro form this list of obsolete Apple laptops . “The list right now is so:

MacBook Pro 15″ mid-2009
MacBook Pro 15 “and 2.53 GHz mid 2009
MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2009
MacBook 13 “mid-2010

 MacBook 2010 - plastic MacBook 2010

is what devices considered Apple as ‘vintage’?

Apple considers ‘vintage’, according to its classification system, devices that carry non-manufacturing more than 5 years and less than 7. on the other hand, regarding the term obsolete would be talking about devices that carry more than 7 years without being manufactured.

Apple has also included in this list of iPhone 3G models, being these obsolete around the world.

are why differentiate between ‘vintage’ and obsolete?

Apple differs in these terms to ensure that they receive adequate service. specifically, when a product is considered ‘vintage’ is that Apple does not offer service for assistance on hardware in any part of the world with the exception of California and Turkey . On these two sites, Apple is obliged to offer services and substitutions for one longer period of time than in the rest of the world.

 iPhone 3 G iPhone 3 G

when Apple refers to a device being obsolete, is that Apple has discontinued all service support in hardware without any exception. 

regarding the classification in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific area do not make any distinction between a few obsolete products or vintage. so if you have one of these products that are considered vintage in the United States, already not will offer you assistance in European or Latin American regions.

did one of these characteristic devices by its construction in plastic? What do you think about the distinction between vintage and obsolete in certain areas of the world? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

via MacRumors

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