Apple continues to be that more wearables sold worldwide

according to Strategy Analytics said, Apple is the largest seller of wearables world, putting on head in the ranking with the Apple Watch.

the Apple Watch, the best selling wearable

yesterday I took a article in which the iPad, along with the rest of tablets on the market, was not very well in terms of sales. As you already know, the iPad is ceasing to sell both for some time, all the opposite of what the separable Apple, Apple Watch.

from Strategy Analytics, brings us this report which was corroborated what you just read directly above. The Apple of will not go them as well as they would like with iPads, but what is with the watches can go them best.

the Cupertino have become the largest supplier of the so-called global wearables in this first quarter of 2017. Best of all is that, compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the percentage of sales has grown. “



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these are the sales data from the wearables more defendants

these have been the outcome of the investigation, in which we can see how the Apple clock sits the first both in sales and market share with 3.5% in sales and 15.9% on coast of market.

below it the Fitbit is 3.4% in sales, as we can see, hot on his heels close to Apple . The growth in this company has not been as large as in the case of Apple, rather the opposite, since have lost points in both categories.

in which is closer in market share is just Xiaomi with a 15.5%, also very close to Apple, but as it happens with Fitbit, that market share has dropped 5 points. I had a 20.9% last year, a big drop.

Apple stomping with his Watch

the director of Strategy Analytics stated the following in this regard

“Fitbit sent 2.9 million clocks worldwide in the first quarter of 2017, falling 36 percent yearly from 4.5 million in the first quarter of 2016. Fitbit has lost its leadership of wearables with Apple, and that Apple was later incorporated into this market. Fitbit shipments, revenues, prices and profits are all declining, and the company has a big fight on their hands to recover this year “.”

the Cupertino do not share this data, but that Apple Watch within is classified “Other products” along with devices like the Apple TV, iPod, Beats or accessories.

obtained 2.87 million dollars during the second quarter of 2017, with all this more profit over last year where obtained 2.19 million dollars.

Tim Cook ensures that watch sales have doubled as it has passed the time, which is a very good sign.

“combine Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats, and our income from products wearables in the last four quarters was the size of a company like Fortune 500”

despite the loss of sales of the iPad, the company maintains, as you’ve seen, as one of the most influential and powerful global companies.

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