Apple continues the iPad Pro with these new ads campaign ad

 iPad Pro

the campaign that Apple has designed to advertise the new iPad Pro is still going. They have come to light new ads, following in the footsteps of the previous related messages from users on Twitter.

three new ads on the advantages of the iPad Pro

these ads have found them on different social networks (it are also translated into the Spanish). In fact they have perfect 15 seconds duration for easier viewing in addition to being able to easily share.

the motto under which they are subject is ‘ real problems… answers ‘. In each of these ads, users complain of problems like the battery, low mobility or weight of laptops and Apple responds les with the advantages that in this field provides the new device Pro (in any of their sizes).

in the first of the videos we can see a few seats for aircraft and a girl who complains that it has run out of battery, and we expect many hours of flight without entertainment. Apple answers him commenting on the long battery life of the iPad Pro .

in the following, we can see a girl complaining of the big weight of your notebook. Apple responds with the lightness of your iPad Pro and tells you that it also has support for Office.

Finally, in the last ad we see a girl in a room of shared residence. Beside a couple who don’t allows you to concentrate on your work and studies, part of which can not go by the limitation of your computer. In this case, Apple responds with the mobility that the device supplied with the ease of having their texts and notes on the iPad Pro.

and you have already seen these new ads? What do you think of this campaign of Apple? We hope your comments!

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