Apple celebrates the success of its program of reforestation in North Carolina

 results Apple reforestation program

Apple is one of technology companies more concerned with the environment. Either by the use of recyclable material for your products, as per different reforestation programs that provide the raw material for most of the used packaging.

the program of reforestation of Apple is paying off

a couple of years ago, Apple purchased a 3,600-acre (approximately 145 kilometres square) in the area of North Carolina and Maine. The objective of this purchase was that of generate the necessary raw material for the high demand for paper that requires Apple .

 forests of reforestation of Apple

Lisa Jackson Vice President of environment, policy and social initiatives of Apple, said on his Twitter account the first results of this programme.

for 2016 in these forests were harvested 13 thousand metric tons of wood . Equivalent to 30% virgin fiber used by Apple for the packaging of its products during 2015 .
But in addition to providing the raw material, the program includes -used species reforestation. Providing jobs for the accomplishment of various tasks of research, preparation of the site, harvesting and sowing.

 staff in the forests of reforestation of Apple

Jena Thompson Meredith Vice President of alliances of businesses in the Conservation Fund, has been very satisfied with the project. In addition to providing sustainable raw materials and the conservation of more than 145 square kilometers of forest they have managed to protect various rare species of plants and insects in the process.

as important data, in 2015, the 99% used by Apple for their product packaging, paper comes from recycled material .
Helping the environment that way.

see, Apple continues to collaborate with the environment.
Whether these programs of reforestation, as the use of different solar farms for clean and renewable energy generation.

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