Apple buys automation app workflow

Apple founded in 2012 and is known for its iOS app workflow has taken that start up DeskConnect. Financial details were not known, but the sale should have paid off for the team and the investors.

in this case, it was obviously not only enabled staff to win, as in Apple’s acquisition of case. While Apple often promptly purchased apps, the workflow that is popular for years is still available. The new version 1.7.3 is available even for free in the app store, while so far requested $3.

 workflow on the iPhone (image: DeskConnect)

the automation tool is comparable with IFTT or the available also as an iOS app workflow management Microsoft flow . It allows users to group several actions, which then allow the execution of complex tasks with one tap. The application supports over 200 actions and integrates with Apple apps as well as with the services from third-party vendors such as EverNote, dropbox, and Facebook . As fell on attentive users, some services more no support but with the version now published by Apple for unclear reasons.

belongs to the developer team behind workflow ARI Weinstein, discovered the iPhone Jailbreaks. “We join Apple with enthusiasm”, it says in a statement tartar. He pointed out from the outset close cooperation with the manufacturer. “We can hardly wait to continue our work to the next level at Apple and to contribute to products, touch people around the world.”

Apple confirmed the acquisition. It pointed out in addition to the award of workflow with an Apple design award in 2015 that particularly well put the app iOS features for accessibility. In particular the implementation of VoiceOver was impressed and made the app suitable for blind and low vision users.

a possible deep integration of the app to Apple’s language assistant Siri is TechCrunch good to imagine: “That could allow a smoother activation and set of actions, as the team now has access to Apple’s non-public API that is more robust than that bit, so far publicly by Siri.” DISPLAY

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