“Apple Announces one app for video creation for iOS

 Apple announced a video creation for iOS app

of Cupertino are moving this 2017 and is that there are many innovations that are enabling in recent times as well as improvements are introduced. Not in vain, we are in an important year, on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone that Apple is an important aspect and will give the rest of it we are sure. In this case, novelty that incorporate those of the Apple bite is the appearance in short time a video creation app for iOS a capital and important element, given that most of the users of the Apple give intensive to their cameras. “

Apple enters the world of the image with a video creation for iOS app

 Apple announced a video creation for iOS app

between announcements of a new iPad’s 9.7-inch and iPhone 7 of Red Apple today unveiled a new video of first person called “Clips” application . According to Cupertino, clips users can create”expressive videos” easily on an iPhone and iPad. The application allows users to combine videos, images and music in a video that can be shared through iMessage and other platforms social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In the world of social networking and instant messaging, this step is crucial. “

clips will be something more than a commitment to the social of Apple

 Apple announced a video creation for iOS app

users can create animated subtitles and apply effects such as filters speech bubbles, forms and animated posters.

clips offers iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through the video, and is incredibly easy to use. The effects, filters and the incredible new titles live we have designed for Clips allow anyone making videos of high quality and easily shareable with few steps .

Susan Prescott, Vice President of Apple

the new Apple application will be shown starting from the month of April on iOS devices version 10.3. What do you think of the emergence of Clips? Your opinion is important to us.

more information about the new Apple app in the next URL .

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