Appears a photo showing how will be housing

a photo shows how the new iPhone will be 8 Apple

filters new industrial design that could be the next high end of Apple Phone this has appeared through the web and shows us what would be the alleged housing new iPhone of the Californian firm.

According to the original source, the image that we see below comes directly from Foxconn and shows iPhone 8 official industrial design.

Leaked iPhone 8 design shows its main features

with respect to the front can be seen as the edges are much finer matter to those who are present in existing models especially in what refers to the side edges.

On the other hand, in related to the edge, as you can see, is not present no Home button ; sign that Apple could integrate a kind of virtual button which is supposed to be the “functional area” integrated under the screen of the device.

In the back you can see a camera double, as the 7 Plus iPhone, but with the difference that this time it is positioned vertically, like that you can see a few days ago .

You can also see, under the logo of the Apple , on the back is the fingerprint sensor. Which points to that Apple is having problems in the integration of Touch ID under the screen of the iPhone 8 .

8 iPhone will be slightly larger than the current iPhone 7

of course, is not ruled out, the fact that this design is only a model of “reserve” in the case that the signature California not be able to solve the problems of integration of the sensor of fingerprint, Touch ID, under the screen.

According to this photo, iPhone 8 should be measured 149 mm long, 72.5 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick (excluding the thickness of the camera, which seems that it will also extend beyond). It will be slightly larger than the iPhone 7 if we compare it with its measures 138 mm x 67.1 mm x 7.1 mm.

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