Appeared the first record of a 4 K UHD movie in BitTorrent

until now, films 4 K UHD shared in exchange networks were processed using screen via HDMI capture systems, which reduces its final quality. This is due to the (supposed) AACS 2.0 invulnerability but in the last hours the BitTorrent universe was shaken by a copy of «the Smurfs 2» which seems to have been extracted directly from the original disk . The copy occupies more than 53 gigabytes, or will take a time check the ‘legitimacy’ of the rip. However, confirmed the fall of AACS 2.0, we expect a storm of 4 K UHD movies…

we still remember very well the whole hysteria associated with the defeat of the first version of the AACS standard. Streisand effect here, legal threats there… the point is that rips of movies in format Blu-ray and HD-DVD have become commonplace across the major networks of Exchange. Had escaped the genius of the lamp, and nothing was going to bring back. The Consortium AACS (fundado por IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Warner y Disney) not stood idly, and doubled the bet with the distribution of films 4 K UHD giving rise to AACS 2.0 . Enthusiasts interested in duplicating that protected content are required to use different screen capture solutions, and although the end result is acceptable, the ‘crypto’ remained unbeatable… or that it was believed.

strange choice… but what matters here is the defeat of AACS 2.0

the film is «the Smurfs 2» horror of the year 2013 which cost 105 million dollars and which led to the reboot complete the saga. Somehow, this film was released to the home market in format 4K UHD, and chosen by the THRONE as first victim group. The announcement was made at two private trackers, UltraHDClun and IPT, and the download is named «The Smurfs 2 (2013) 2160 p UHD Blu-ray HEVC Atmos 7.1-THRONE» . Of course, the doubts came immediately. they broke AACS 2.0, or it’s a very good catch? is still too early to know. The film occupies little more than 53 gigabytes, and not all have high-speed connections.

there are two points in favor of the cracked: the first is the presence of audio Atmos on the copy. And the second is that last April, confirmed CyberLink PowerDVD 17 would be compatible with playback 4K UHD . If someone obtained a copy and applied certain amount of reverse engineering, you have probably switched on to encryption as a Christmas tree. We are now entering the waiting game. If AACS bit the dust, we will see more films. Soon.

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