App browser station allows creation of virtual browser on Qnap NAS

Qnap systems, Inc. immediately the app “Browser Station” offers, allows users to create virtual browser on a Qnap NAS. Complex to prevent the application VPN settings when accessing external data on the same LAN as the Qnap NAS. In addition, the browser station offer a convenient and secure way to surf the Web and access protected data so the manufacturer. Browser station beta is available immediately free of charge in the QTS app Center to download.

 station of Qnap browser (image: Qnap) station of Qnap browser (image: Qnap)

with qnap’s browser station, users can manage all virtual browser using its intuitive management interface. In addition to support encrypted access with VPN protection, the application can handle IP blocks, so that employees can access externally restricted data such as private enterprise server, so the provider.

the browser station has in addition according to Qnap more useful functions. So user can specify a NAS shared folder for the download of files – including email attachments and Web pages files. With the installation of the browser extension Qfinder, they should find your Qnap NAS in your LAN faster and easier access. The browser station maintains the current status of each browser, among others including open tabs, bookmarks and the history.

“The browser station aimed primarily at people who travel a lot or external work”, says Stephan Rose, Sales Manager DACH at Qnap. “The app they have on the road easy access to LAN resources from mobile and external devices, without requiring a proxy or VPN and download files directly on the NAS”, so rose.

the app calls a Qnap NAS with at least 4 GB RAM and Qt 4.2.2 or later. There must be a container station at least in the version v. 1.7.2224 installed and enabled. “To the support Qnap NAS models include TS-x53U, TS-x53A, TS-x 53, TS-x53B, TS-453Bmini, TVS-x 63 +, TVS-x 63, TS-x63U, TS-x 70, TS-x 69, TVS-x 70, TVS-x 71, TVS-x 73, TS/SS-x 79, TS/TV-x 80, TVS-x 82, TVS-x82T, TV x82ST, TES-x85U and TDS-16489U.

 Qnap TS-453B 4-Bay (image: Qnap). Qnap TS-453B 4-Bay (image: Qnap).

Qnap had until the end of April its quad-core NAS TS-x53B models a PCIe slot offers to accelerate the possible applications of the NAS. The Qnap TS-x53B models are available from 594 euros with two, four and six shafts.


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