AnyTrans manages content iOS and iCloud, and download videos from Youtube

AnyTrans allows us to manage any content of our devices iOS and iCloud

when we want to manage the contents of your iOS device, already either an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we have no choice but to rely on iTunes to add content, either file management performing backups, applications and detailed information that you want to manage.

As is that there are many people in managing the content of your iDevice choose to omit the use of iTunes, today I speak AnyTrans, a powerful CMS for your iOS device, valid both for iPhone to iPad, now updated to support iCloud and also allows you to download videos from YouTube and other sites directly to your iPhone , iPad, iPod touch and computer.

AnyTrans is a content management system which we have spoken on other occasions which software will allow us the exchange of files that we have on our devices iOS on computers with operating system Mac OS X or Windows.  AnyTrans will not only allow us to copy data from the device to the computer, but also we will make it from one device to another, performing at high speed transfer and completely independent of the use of iTunes .

Manage you information with AnyTrans

use of AnyTrans is very simple and intuitive even though it is not translated to the Spanish (English, French, Japanese and German), thanks to its clear and visual interface where through the different icons are showing us the operations that we can perform.

Once this installed the same software will be responsible for analyzing the connected device and, after a brief period of time will show us all the found material and that it can be managed, in just a few minutes you can exchange information between your computer and your iOS device.

Each one of the icons of the main menu performs a specific function, we can choose between pass the information that you have on your device or computer, or you can select where you want to go.

AnyTrans manage your content in the following way:

  • content to iTunes : transferirás here the information from your device to your iTunes library.
  • Content to Mac : with this option you can pass information from your device to your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Content to the device: option to pass information between devices. Connect an iPhone and an iPad and transfer information between them.
  • Add content : the most demanded among Apple user, adds content from your computer to your iOS device, easy and effective.

Access to the entire contents of your iCloud with AnyTrans account

one of the new and improved functions that includes the new version of AnyTrans is that we now have full control over the management of your iCloud account. Manage, maintain, transfer everything from iCloud, with AnyTrans 5 is possible, you can access any information, either contact, photo or file, upload and download photos, free content count iCloud for more space, now everything is possible.

AnyTrans 5 also gives us access to iCloud Drive information management, we can export the content and don’t worry if you have to go and do not have access to the internet, the process is suspended, Anytrans supports the resumption of interrupted download, you can follow the transfer when you want to.

Another function that offers AnyTrans with access to iCloud is total access to iCloud backups for ranked and rated with what is very easy to access information and even manage the information between multiple accounts iCloud to perform backups of data if someone access to your account.

Videos offline with AnyTrans

now thanks to AnyTrans 5 you can download videos from YouTube and other sites directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your computer. AnyTrans will allow us to see all videos best quality without internet connection. AnyTrans is the only one that allows you to download web videos directly to your device iOS but not only YouTube videos, download videos in Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and more than 900 sites. No matter the format that has the video, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, AnyTrans converts the video to a compatible format for iOS and with the highest possible quality.


can say AnyTrans is the best Manager for iPhone of all time, it offers full control to manage, backup, and freely transfer all your data and files between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes, iCloud and equipment. In addition, now with the new version allow us to perform the job faster and more elaborate, with which you will have full access to our iOS device information.

Download AnyTrans for Windows and Mac

you can access and see all the benefits that offers you AnyTrans you same with the Demo version that you can find in your website and from there to evaluate different options of buying licenses, depending on the option that you want.

Buy AnyTrans for Mac and Windows

if were looking for a your iPhone content manager without having to go through iTunes without a doubt AnyTrans will be delight of all those who want total freedom to fully access your content.

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