Android-widget collection of Chronus in the test

one of the advantages of Android platform is the ability to place widgets on the home screens of useful information. This saves lots of time when accessing information much easier failed, as if for only an app needs to be started. In this regard, the widget set Chronus is very interesting. It provides widgets for clock, weather, news, tasks (new: Exchange, EverNote, Todoist, present in previous versions: abandoned Google ), shares, DashClock extensions, and calendar.

with this functionality is Chronus practically anything like the mother of all widgets. Developer offers free standard version with 11 widgets David van Tonder . The paid Pro version (approximately 2.50 euro) contains four more widgets and additional functions.

standard Chronus widgets


exercise Pro (approximately 2.50 euro)

dash calendar
Flex watch + weather 4 × 4
Flex analog weather forecast 4 x 2
pixel +
watch []
Watch analog + dash
Watch of digital + dash
watch + weather 4 × 2

the Chronus app is the configuration for the individual widgets. Thus, certain features can be set but also the appearance of each individual widgets. The app also allows configuration settings for the notification Center for weather, calendar, and Task Scheduler.

 Android widget Chronus (image: that provides widget collection of Chronus offers a total of 15 widgets. In addition, DashClock widgets can be used. It turns out Chronus as the mother of all Android widgets (image:, click in the image to enlarge)

next to the display individual widgets for shares, tasks, calendar, messages, clock and weather Chronus offers the ability to configure a widget from a combination of these widgets. The two Flex widgets, which differ only by the display of the clock (digital or analog) and Chronus dash as a central rallying point for the display of extensions available are for this. “

 Android-widget-Chronus-5-Widgetsn Android widget collection of Chronus: Chronus Flex, news, stocks and dash, tasks and weather prediction (image:

configuration of Chronus Flex

as mentioned, the difference between the two Flex widgets only through the different display of the clock, which is carried out either in digital or analog form. The combined widget allows you to display time and alerts, weather, enhancements, news, stocks and calendar. The appearance is configured using the option appearance. Here you can, for example, the General color scheme for larger widgets (light or dark) or set the color of the background with a transparent display is also possible. The strength of the transparency is configurable, so you can find a readable setting even when not monochromatic backgrounds easily.

 Chronus Flex provides a combined view of all the widgets available (picture: Chronus Flex provides a combined view of all the widgets available. Color scheme for larger widgets are light and dark options available. The widgets such as weather forecast and calendar are scrollable (image:

settings for clock and weather

display clock and alarms offers many configuration options. In addition to the time date, week number, alarm, and battery level can also show. In addition, it allows a variety of options, including adjusting the font size, an individualized representation.


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multiple design options it presents also weather widget. To highlight is the data of OpenWeatherMap, which offers Norwegian weather service, Yahoo Weather, weather underground and dark sky, as the selection of the weather service. The widget to a predefined location or site service based displays weather data.

click on the weather icon in the Flex widget, opens a magnified view of the weather widget. In addition to data on the general nature of the weather (clear, cloudy, rain et cetera), the widget provides information to high and low temperatures, update time, wind speed and sunrise and sunset, as well as in the case of rain or snow, the expected rainfall in millimeters. The latter appears only when you select of the Norwegian weather service The prospects for the next 11 days will also appear.

 Chronus: configuration of the weather widget (image: the weather widget has extensive configuration options with regard to weather service, location and form of presentation (image:

configuration of the stock widgets

prices of publicly traded companies can either scroll in one of the Flex widgets or display in an own widget (stocks). In both cases, a detail page that displays a list of all previously configured companies with current market parameters (price, profit, loss) opens when clicking on a stock symbol.


more information click on the share icon. Other data such as market capitalization, price but also messages are then displayed. Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance Act as a service provider for this service. It is also possible to set an alarm for volatile. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer data between the combination widgets Flex and the respective Einzelwidgets. This has resulted in, that can transmit the ticker symbol from the Flex widget in the stocks Widget, you must reenter.

< img class = “wp-image-88270366 size-large aligncenter” src = “×306.jpg” alt = “”

messages widget with RSS support and integrated display

the messages widget provides support for RSS, Feedly, Twitter and reddit. Some predefined RSS feeds are already included. You can add your own RSS feeds such as A preview window that displays title and header of the article opens with a click on a message. The full article is loaded via the option “Read article”. Using a wiping gesture it scrolls to the next article. The messages displayed in the Flex widget or through the news widget.

also the possibility to quickly access news offers  Chronus. Chronus offers also the possibility to quickly access news. RSS feeds, Feedly, Twitter and Reddit are used as sources (image:

DashClock extensions in Chronus use

by DashClock extensions support Chronus more display options. Thus, for example, missed calls, SMS, can be viewing E-Mails but also information on the Wi-Fi usage or memory usage directly on the home screen. Therefore this information is available faster than through the Centre of the notification. In addition to the Flex widgets that can display only a limited number of DashClock extensions for reasons of space, the widget Chronus stands for the display of extensions in addition dash available.

 also for the configuration of the calendar widgets many available options (image: also for the configuration of the calendar widgets many available options (image:


the widget collection of Chronus is very useful when it comes to the efficient access to important information. Thanks to widgets, they very quickly become available, so that you in many Fäcases can save opening your own app for RSS feeds. With the support of DashClock extensions, as for the display of incoming emails, you can optimize also certain steps. Overall, Chronus brings a significant productivity gain in the management of the daily Informationsstreams.

exemplary is also the Declaration on the use of different permissions which are necessary for the use of Chronus widgets. So much transparency creates trust. Also the good support of the developer and the helpful community on Google + are encouraging.

Note: the review of Chronus comes from May 27, 2016. It has been updated to the 3.4.2017 with information about new version 8.0.

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