Android O simplifies authentication via SMS

Android police is a new function of Android O attentive, Mishaal XDA user has discovered. This is a new programming interface application programming interface (API), which is designed to simplify authentication via SMS. Apparently, Google wants to allow that such queries can expire automatically in the future and without interaction with the user in the background.

 Android O (image: Google) according to the report, apps on Android to be O able to inform the system about pending SMS messages with an 11-digit authentication code. This code has to generate a request specific for the respective app.

the SMS is received, the system passes the code directly to the app, without having the user sees the text message. This SMS will also no longer appear in the Inbox. Apps will also need no special permissions for reading SMS authentication.

the system in turn is informed about the command “createAppSpecificSmsToken” the function “PendingIntent” on an incoming message. The first message following this request and contains an authentication code that is passed to the app in question. Apps are not in the position to make multiple requests at the same time. More authentication SMS for the app go, these are ignored or not used for authentication, and passed as “normal” SMS in the Inbox of the default messages app.

the new procedure might simplify the registration in two steps via SMS, because users no longer must – transfer the registration code from a text by hand in the respective app except the Smartphone serves as a second factor to log on another device. Another advantage is according to Android police that apps that use the SMS authentication, need not have full access to the entire message input.


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