Android: LineageOS integrated may security patches

the developers of the popular Custom ROM LineageOS have the latest Android -fork called android-7.1. 2_r8 integrated into their code base. LineageOS builds contain since 1 may they released Google security updates for Android by . So should users of CyanogenMod formulation in addition to the nexus users among the first to their smartphones running the latest security patches are equipped.

in addition the developer announced that they are working on a new browser, which is to replace the old and unsafe AOSP Variant. This is based on the built-in engine of WebView so that users can be sure, use always the latest version of the Android Browserengine. Still, the developers want to retain on the proprietary browser Gello. For more details want to betray them shortly.

LineageOS: support for more devices

LineageOS also supports now more devices. These include various Galaxy-S3 variants were produced for the US market. The selling in this country international version was already supported. For the international version of Galaxy S4 mini is now also LineageOS 14.1 available. So far, the equipment only with the Android 6.0-based LineageOS 13.1 in operation could be taken. The dual-SIM version of Galaxy S4 mini long among the circle of supported smartphones. Also owner of a Galaxy can now install the latest version of LineageOS note 3. In addition, LineageOS supports play, from immediately Moto Z HTC one A9, LG V20 and Xiaomi MI 5s plus. Is only an unofficial variant for the Xiaomi MI 5s .

 Galaxy S4 with LineageOS and may Siehcheritsaktualisierungen (screenshot:

updates for LineageOS install

updates to LineageOS can be made with the integrated update function. However that doesn’t work in every case, so that a you might need to manually install .

at the end of her blog entry the developers ask for donations. So far, this was possible only with Bitcoin. Now you can support them also through PayPal .

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