Analyst suggests that the next generation of Apple Watch will have 4G connectivity

 Apple Watch series 3

after the launch of the latest updates, is time to speaking about the first rumors of products Apple facing next fall. We will not talk about the iPhone and the multitude of rumors that accounts for this product, this time is the turn of the Apple Watch of third generation .

Apple Watch 3 and their possible developments

one of the biggest requests that many users asked for (and continue to ask for) to the Apple Watch is to have own data connectivity a feature that was rumored for Apple Watch series 2 long ago but that did not end get.

 Apple Watch series 2

Christopher Rolland, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group, had recently given their own impressions of face the next Apple Watch, Christopher believes that the Apple Watch third generation (Apple Watch series 3) could introduce mobile connectivity Roland suggests that we will see a new Apple Watch which will include your own SIM card to provide LTE connectivity in September 2017.

“we understand that the next model of the Apple Watch will include a SIM card itself, and therefore it is quite likely that you have support for LTE (4 G) connectivity. We believe that there are still some problems to be resolved to include this technology, such as the life of the battery and the SIM card size, but will have made significant progress in these sections. Apple may be using VOIP and data through a CAT-M1 connection to a battery life top to which we might expect in the beginning”.

 Apple Watch and together AirPods

If you believe the rumors to end there you are wrong, Rolland believes that Apple is preparing a greater connectivity between the AirPods and Apple Watch 3 . In Cupertino aims to make and receive phone calls using both devices without the need of having our iPhone to the side.
Apple has probably been working to add this technology within the Apple Watch for several years, but he could not do it due to intense this functionality battery consumption.

the rumours last year suggested that Apple was studying different cell low-power chips for future versions of Apple Watch but these did not arrive with the Apple Watch series 2, those of Cupertino could not make it to run at the time by which the technology could be ready for this year.

connectivity 4G or slight improvements in hardware?

other rumors about the Apple Watch 3 point to a modest update that it would mainly focus on improvements to hardware under its housing, i.e., improvements in performance (processor) and the duration of the battery . This could be due to the lack of news and information about a device’s third generation, however, it appears that a new model out this year, will see it presented along with the new and expected iPhone 8 in the month of September.

 Apple Watch inside

Yes although it is true that Rolland does not have some reputation in this issue of filtering and hit feature about the Apple products, this analyst is sharing information which could not be too extravagant since echoes of past rumors that other competing products have already long in the market. Follow aware the future developments that may arise about this product by what you can’t miss all the news on our website.

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