Analyst says Apple will present the iPhone at the WWDC of June 8, true or false?

how would you choose if you were that we could see the next iPhone 8 in June, during the Apple WWDC? Crazy, isn’t it? Because it’s what JP Morgan analyst has launched into the air.

iPhone 8 in June, do Crazy Idea?

and has been distributed by networks, leaving aside the financial results of Apple. Apparently, according to Morgan, there would be a high probability of seeing 8 iPhone during WWDC in June.

as already has happened previously, for example with the first Apple Watch we would see it advertised in little more than one month but we could not get it until next fall.

can be noted that with the iPhone 4 this was true. It was presented at a WWDC in June, and neither would be so crazy knowing that Apple has declined in terms of sales due to the numerous rumors . “

this would be highly unlikely… but not impossible

 Tim Cook during a Keynote

Apple has as a tradition or custom submit their phones in the month of September, with rare exceptions like the iPhone 4S that was presented in October.

a marketing strategy can be the fact to throw their phones near the Christmas holiday season, since people often increase their purchases. The number of sales is lower in summer.

would be a bit contradictory, taking into account the lowered sales due to rumors, Tim Cook decided to launch the device that is being sold less in little more than one month.

this is to say that, if we know how to be famous and desired iPhone 8, to what we’re going to buy an iPhone now 7 or earlier?  It wouldn’t make much sense.

according to some rumors not can buy iPhone 8 until a month or two after meeting him in the usual Keynote in September. With this type of data becomes a little hard to believe this rumor of imminent release.

it is clear that in the meantime rumor there is some more credible than others but this you have had today sounds too unlikely. Although as always he says, nothing is impossible. Perhaps Apple comes to surprise to be able to silence all the rumours circulating about the iPhone 8.

what if we have clear is that in September there will be a Keynote in which we can see the iPhone 7 S models, and, at least in time, the expected design and functionality of the iPhone 8.

do you think, like Morgan, that we could see the 8 iPhone in June? Tell us your theory on the matter.

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