An SOS through Apple Watch call saved a guy during an accident of car

we all know that Apple’s devices are used to provide us with our day to day, be connected, but also for life-saving us. If not to say our protagonist of this story, is called Casey Bennett and thanks to Apple Watch has been born again.

Apple Watch help guy in car crash

the Apple Watch is a device that serves for many things, give us the reading of our iPhone notifications, help us to measure a number of parameters about our health or physical condition but is that also can be a safety device to a specific accident . That is what happened to a 22 year old college student in Maryland (USA) when their car was hit by another vehicle accidentally.

 SOS Apple Watch why is very important to always wear a seat belt, even in short road ).

when Casey vehicle ended up spinning, your iPhone was on the floor of the vehicle, in other words, completely unreachable due to vehicle safety measures. Bennet did not think it was and decided to use its Apple Watch so it could call 911 and to go to rescue him.

she was trying to get out of the vehicle but it was impossible, I thought it would be a good time inside the car without that nobody could help me “, says Bennett.

was then when the protagonist of our story decided to activate your Apple Watch to help you.

only press the side button for six seconds and immediately called 911 “, said Bennett. Emergency through the Apple Watch calls

the story was not there. Bennet was released unharmed, and as a sign of gratitude, decided to write a letter to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. In this article, Casey decided to describe their experience and how he was helped by his Apple Watch . The best part is that company’s own CEO decided to answer only a few days later.

 Apple Watch SOS

Apple added the SOS emergency feature to the Apple Watch last September with its latest update of the software watchOS 3 . In the United States, holding the button side of Apple Watch for six seconds device called 911 and sends a text message to your emergency contact if you need help, the best thing is that you don’t need to install applications or play many commands, your Apple Watch takes care of everything.

this function also sends your current location, including updates on the time when activated. However, Apple also has this function in many countries outside of the United States everything is for the welfare and health of the users.

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