Amazon Prime Video could be available this summer on the Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video streaming service users have not stopped since the minute zero request its integration with Apple TV. A nothing far-fetched idea by the users of this platform that can be made reality will see very soon.

Apple and Amazon are negotiating this integration

the news is not confirmed, if not, that is a simple rumor that launched today the medium Recode . They argue that Amazon and Apple are currently negotiating to be able to bring an application for Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV. will see the presentation of this application in the WWDC of June? To respond to this, we will have to wait until all the doubts are resolved.

 Amazon Prime Video family viewing Amazon Prime Video

Although there is no date confirmed for this integration, employees close to both companies, claim that the third quarter of the year is the shuffling period to make this release.

Amazon Prime Video, the motive for which Apple and Amazon are going to reconcile

this news may be a Act of reconciliation between both companies have not shone by their good relations. This dispute came with the arrival of the Amazon Prime Video application. The large restrictions presented in this application are the disadvantages that have this application that did not like him to anyone in the world of Amazon, and much less to its CEO. This restriction is based on that whenever you want to rent a movie, you will have to go to the web site and pay it from there, since the application can not be this payment.

Amazon tried to give a touch of Apple performing certain actions, such as block the sale of its Apple TV on the web from Amazon . This caused that when looking for these words, only competing products but not the Apple product out yourself.

this application on the Apple TV could be a boost subscribers for this service in streaming that possibly not know it even if Amazon Premium. Obviously, being in an important product as it is Apple TV will give them a very good advertising that users consume it and thus it go gaining market share to other streaming services like Netflix or HBO.

if I had to bet to give a date of when it will sign this agreement, which is already very advanced, I would say that we would have its presentation next to the new generation of systems at WWDC about Apple TV, tvOS 11 operation.

we will keep you informed of everything that happens in these possible negotiations, here, in Apple 5 × 1 .

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