Amazon joined Alexa in app purchases

 Amazon Echo, which includes Alexa

seems that Jeff Bezos, Alexa, Enterprise virtual assistant will be integrating definitively with the procurement service. See more details.

as is widely known, the virtual assistant from Amazon which is the linchpin in the Echo Amazon, an Assistant for the home that makes the delights of American users. Although home Alexa works quite effectively responding properly to the user orders, since the company still had not joined his assistant in its shopping service. This movement will do that on an iPhone can coexist two large rivals such as Siri and Alexa will this be possible? “

Alexa joins the Amazon shopping app

 Alexa joins the Amazon app

as we can be seen in Venturebeat starting now iPhone users that have the application from Amazon on their devices can make use of the virtual assistant of the company to make purchases through this service. In addition to the main functions aimed at this context, such as products or orders tracking, search virtual Assistant comes with its other functions such as weather forecast or tell jokes.

Although you can control home automation functions, yet you can control intelligent doors through Alexa . This movement by the company of Jeff Bezos will be that many users who do not have any kind of hardware belonging to Amazon as it might be to the Echo and iOS users have access to the broad skills that has the biggest rival of Siri in the field of artificial intelligence, with all that that entails.

If you have installed the application from Amazon in our terminal this interesting function will be implemented with the next update and is expected to reach all users of iOS for the next week. Let us in comments if you are using Alexa and if you think it’s better to Siri.

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