Amazon go: introduction of the kassenlosen supermarket moves

on December 5 had Amazon the prototype of its new kassenlosen supermarket called “Amazon go” presented in Seattle. Only employees of the group could use the supermarket during the beta program. An opening for other customers was planned for the beginning of 2017. This date has been moved now due to technical problems indefinitely, like the Wall Street Journal with reference to using Amazon go shares with familiar sources.

 Amazon go (screenshot:

with Amazon go online merchants a new shop concept developed, that should come out without the traditional sale at a cash register. With the according to Amazon “modern shopping technology”, whose building blocks are used, also in self-propelled cars customers should never be on.

around 162-square-meter business in Seattle must no longer be customers snake at the box office, but can simply walk from the store with their purchases. The reason: There are no funds and billed online. Only the Smartphone and the Amazon go app are a prerequisite for the shopping. After login in the entrance area, sensors register which items from the shelves will be taken. Decides the customer to and the article is back, will the article removed from the list accordingly. Billing is then directly from the Amazon account. As demonstrated in the beta but, not much more than 20 customers were allowed to be’s, since the system at a larger number of customers with monitor customer activity in the spin came. Comparatively slowly move up to 20 customers in the market, the system according to Amazon but works fine.

so the opening now indefinitely has been moved. It is assumed that in future employees are needed who have an eye on it, that the observed system purchases correctly.

 Amazon go (screenshot:

Amazon go should complement the online offer Amazon fresh, which was launched in the US in August 2007. Food and beverage offers the online retailer in this country since July 2010 for sale. Since early August, Prime customers in Berlin and Munich have also the possibility to with Prime now not only within one day, but within one or two hours provide selected food itself.

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