Alphabet exceeds expectations in the first quarter

Google nut alphabet has presented the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2017 their . Of the company’s revenue climbed 22 percent to $24,75 billion. Net profit rose by 29 percent to 5.43 has gone astray billion dollars or 7,73 dollars per share. Both categories exceeded the expectations of analysts who had predicted a profit per share of 7.40 dollars on revenue of $24.2 billion.

 Google (image: Google) investors responded mainly positively on the quarterly report. In the pre-trade rose alphabet shares by 4.27 percent to 929,50 dollars. The paper already had the trading day with a gain of 0.26 percent completed and meanwhile reached a new 52-week high of 893,38 dollars.

Google contributed $24,506 billion to the overall result. This resulted in a net operating profit of $7.6 billion (up 22 percent). Nest, Google fiber and other business areas, referred to as “Other Bets” alphabet, earned $244 million (up 48 percent). They strained the balance with a deficit of $855 million, 10 percent more than a year ago.

in Google’s sales figures traffic acquisition costs included $ 4.63 billion. Their share of the advertising revenue increased by one point to 22 percent. Less the amounts paid to partners, Google remained net income amounting to $19,88 billion. The revenue per click again decreased by four percent.

almost half (47 percent) of revenues generated alphabet in the United States. There, the growth was 25%. In the EMEA region that was plus 13 percent. There alphabet as a whole began to $8.09 billion – roughly a quarter of the revenues of the region came from the United Kingdom. In the Asia Pacific region, as well as the rest of America, the company, however, improved by 29 and 34 percent, respectively.

Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat established the good result of a positive development of the advertising revenue in the mobile area. Also the cloud platform is one of the fastest growing divisions of the company. CEO Sundar Pichai also relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning. “Advances help us in machine learning to make better many Google products. In the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning we pretend continues the speed”, said Manager.

Wall Street predicts a non-GAAP profit per share of 8.05 dollars on revenue of $25.3 billion for the current second quarter. The second quarter of the year 2016 concluded alphabet revenue and non-GAAP share gains of 8.42 dollars to 21.5 billion dollars.


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