Alleged Turkish hackers many Twitter accounts all over the world

crack up thousands Twitter appeared worldwide entries with Europe accounts yesterday and against the Netherlands and Germany-oriented content. Succeeded in unknown, Twitter counter hack the in the Netherlands-based analytics service, to send the relevant tweets on behalf of its users. A reference included in the Tweets on the upcoming referendum in Turkey suggests that the backers are supporters of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

 Twitter (image: Twitter) the attacker used the Hashtag “Nazi Germany” in Turkish and “NaziHolland” in their Tweets. In addition, a four video of a speech of by President Erdogan was linked. In addition, the Tweets showed a swastika.

among the accounts of the BBC North America, the business magazine Forbes, of the European Parliament were affected and by Amnesty International and Reuters Japan. In this country’s met among others the newspaper the world, the television channel ProSieben and the tennis star Boris Becker.

to the guardian confirmed Omer Ginor, CEO of Twitter counter, the hacker attack. You have countermeasures and currently block the sending of Tweets about the own systems as well as any changes to the app key.

also the security expert Graham Cluley’s Twitter account has been compromised in this way. “The fact that a third-party app was used, means that the hacker does not have my Twitter password. “But it also means, that they not had to go to twitters at logon check on my behalf or on behalf of thousands of other Twitter users to Tweet”, commented on Cluley . Patients should delete the relevant tweets and Twitter counter on her Twitter account, access beyond the service.

Kaspersky, the incident shows that we must be vigilant “not only in terms of own security practices”, but “also from vendors and partners”. “If companies and private users opt for the use of third-party apps, it could happen that they leave the third party in full control over the account,” said David Emm, security evangelist at Kaspersky Lab. In contrast to Cluley, EMM advises those affected to change your Twitter password.


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