All that Apple could produce according to the Google I/o

Google I/O is the Developer Conference, which is organized annual way by Google, to present and discuss applications or products of Google. This would be the equivalent of WWDC by Apple. The famous search engine always advances this presentation a few weeks earlier to WWDC to not match between both companies, however, in recent years companies agree enough presentations, products and services presented by that must be vigilant to possible innovations presented.

Google I/O always gives clues of the WWDC

the year after, Google I/O brought important developments that were then presented at WWDC by Apple. A new application called Duo video calling (IOS already exists and is called FaceTime, however this year we could see developments in the application of video calling on iOS), a new application of messaging called Allo (equivalent to iMensajes in iOS) and new features, many new features that we could see this year by Apple in its own Developer Conference.

 Google I/O 2017 Logo Google I/O 2017

the main novelty of this presentation of last year was Google Allo . It was a new application of messaging by Google where the “stickers”, the dynamic words (text effect and animations) called attention to all those present at this presentation.

 WWDC 2017

a few weeks later, Apple opted for important developments in iMensajes . The Apple messaging application received the possibility that developers create games, tags or even own applications to increase the chances of your messaging application. In addition, iMensaje came along with dynamic words and several funds depending on the occasion that the user considers most appropriate (confetti, balloons, Fireworks, etc.).

Assistant Siri vs

another interesting innovation from Google last year was Google Assistant was a new Assistant by Google, which was notable for two features mainly.

the first feature was the use of artificial intelligence, a function which is expected that Apple can deploy to Siri this same year (or even improve). “

 as luce Google Assistant at an Android so looks Google Assistant in an Android device

the second characteristic main Google Assistant was Wizard opening to developers, this feature also in Siri Apple implemented it last year with more success than its competitors.

another characteristic that both assistants could incorporate is a greater openness that already received last year. They have been many developers who have adapted their applications to Siri, however, the low degree of adoption of Android Nougat continues to criminalize the development of the wizard.

Google Home vs “Siri Speaker”?

Assistant was also present in some of the novelties presented last year, is Google Home . We are talking about a device shaped speaker with which we can control different devices aimed at the home, which must already have them installed at home. Alarms, lights, appliances, etc.

 Google Home Google Home, the equivalent of the future Siri Speaker of Alphabet.

Apple Meanwhile presented the application Home (House) in iOS . An app intended to accommodate in a single site all these household devices. That meant that both iOS and the Apple TV could do functions that Google Home provided us however, it seems that rumors suggest that Apple could present its own speaker with the new and improved Siri in the upcoming WWDC. Are following the footsteps of Google?.

Finally, we cannot forget Android 7 the latest operating system released by the big G continues with very low adoption rates for iOS, however, Google presented important innovations like Apple with iOS 10. Improvements to notifications, improvements in the system, even greater security (Apple made special emphasis at this point after the controversy between Cupertino and the FBI in the case of San Bernardino).

 siri Siri on iPhone

Although it may seem like a company to copy to the other or vice versa, these characteristics are designed and developed with several months in advance (even years). That both companies continue adding or improving similar characteristics only corresponds to studying market . For example, Google Home and Home (House) application on iOS are designed so that both companies from fully entering a market such as the home, the which is estimated to generate more profit than the sales of iPad in the coming years.

important developments by both companies with just a couple of weeks of margin. Perhaps this year are facing a new event where repetition of features between the two companies by what I recommend that you closely follow Google I/O 2017 because we will see similar features at WWDC.

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