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 smart folders

smart folders are a feature that there is present in macOS since time immemorial and that sometimes can be quite useful . Even so, not everyone knows what are the smart folders, or you do not know how to use them correctly. Today we will learn what are and how to use them for what we can serve.

what is a smart folder

a smart folder is a folder… or not? Not really! Technically it is not a folder (actually is a file), but for the purposes of this article we will consider it as a folder where you can save shortcuts to other files.

a smart folder, to open it, will appear in the files matching that we have specified. Thus, for example, I can create a new smart folder where are all text documents having in my user folder. Thus, I can easily access all of them, even though they are in different folders. That Yes, the files not are being doubled, so it will not occupy space twice, and therefore if we delete it in a site is also deleted on the other.

the purpose of these folders is allowing us organize our files independently to how them have saved on your hard disk. This is something like the labels, but that becomes automatically according to rules that we have scheduled. “

 Smart Folder - Finder macOS

do you fails to materialize the idea? As for simplicity, but in reality is as close to reality, I will you explain otherwise. A shared folder is as if we see files in the Finder but with the advantage that we can save this search (not the results thereof) to be able to do it in the future.

how can create smart in macOS folders?

create a smart in macOS folder is relatively simple .

just go to the top bar of the Finder and in the “File” menu hit “new smart folder” . Thus us a window will open with a new folder folder with the purple icon and a gear, this means that it is “intelligent”. “

 creating a new smart in macOS folder

now can begin to enter data to search for. the simplest change is to write something in the field of search for the Finder. So, will they be added to files that have to do with the related text.

 search field in a smart folder

but, for that to be most effective our smart folders have to make more . The first thing we can do is to select where you want to seeking the files. We can do this with the first bar that leaves us. Here you can select among the current folder, either search for files on all the Mac . In this way we can restrict the search range.

and by the way! When we click on a file will show us in the lower part the actual location . In addition, if we click right (or secondary), will leave us the option “Show in the folder containing it”, which will take us to where it is kept really saved the file.

in addition to restrict the search range will also add more criteria to our smart folder. This can be done by giving “+” is on the bar above. There you can select another type of restriction.

 smart folder on macOS

the list of options at a glance is small, but it is really huge. If we give “other…” in that selection menu will open us a window where you can select what options we want us out in the menu. As we can see, we have a huge amount of options and restrictions which open a lot of possibilities for us. We now know how to use it… “

 Add restrictions to a folder in Mac OS X

a small example

put example . In this case I want to search all compressed files that is in my user folder. To do this, select the class option and select that I want only to compressed files. “

 filter by type (class) file in a folder in the Finder

in addition, it could also add more restrictions . For example, would add, with the “+”, one bar more. In this new criterion I will introduce that I want only to files with format JAR . Yes, I know that it is a bit redundant for compressed files, but this is just an example. “

 filter by the extension of the file in the Finder

Lastly, I will put a restriction on the name. I want to only files that begin with a few certain characters. “

 Add a filter by name

will finally give you ‘save’ beside the “+”. So our smart folder will be saved. When it comes to save it we will have to look at two things. The first is the location. By default it saves it to a folder buried by the system files, but you can change it to the location that you want. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the option of “add to the sidebar” . Direct access to our smart folder to the Finder side will be saved if we have this option active.

 Guardarmos the result

are really useful smart folders?

well, all depends on . There are occasions in which this can be really useful. But there are many others in which a smart folder makes no sense.

to my personally I like to use them, but don’t use them never permanently. I.e., them I’m creating and deleting as you will need it. Therefore, the answer to that question would be: If you need them, use them . And now you know use them.

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