Aleph Objects creates the first completely free filament for 3D printers

 3D printer

currently accessories for 3D printers are as important as the own 3D printers. The development of economic 3D printers has made that many users look for accessories, new filaments and extensions to improve the creation of printed objects.

Aleph Objects, the company that is behind projects such as the Luzbots 3D printers, has given a great step in the world of accessories, creating a strand ABS totally free to use in any 3D printer. a free filament? that what? Aleph Objects has created a new ABS strand a strand that we build ourselves or any other company since all data are exposed in a Github repository . This free filament can manufacture it without any problem of patent, only have to follow data in the repository that indicates all processes, material, quantity etc… Everything you need to build it and that to be effective in any 3D printer.

this Aleph Objects-free strand will not reach the end user but if Aleph Objects created this strand in conjunction with IC3D Industries to your wallet

both have decided to create this strand to the community, but according to the principles of the OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association), although still does not have the certification of this Association.

as well as Aleph Objects raises an interesting scenario as somebody may make this strand and sell it but does not profit from this, or can not speculate with your price . Something that does not occur in normal 2D printers, which still have the ink at a price so exorbitant as the price of printers that is not below a certain band for many years.

personally I find it interesting and even not at the hands of end users, if that will affect them, at least in their pockets do not you think?

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