Alcohol, are more effective than paracetamol?

world medicine studied for years the effectiveness of alcohol in the role of analgesic, but perceptions always remained divided. If we take into account the side effects of traditional analgesics, there is some interest to see alcohol as an alternative, and that says a study published by Dr. Trevor Thompson of the University of Greenwich. Moderate consumption optimize the tolerance threshold and reduces the intensity of pain however, the text does not ignore the risks associated with dependence.

it is that a person will identify [19459006](con ayuda profesional) the causes a pain to remove it completely, but this is a road that not everyone can take. Unfortunately, there are certain conditions that make pain a constant unwanted companion, and the best thing we can do is mitigate, manage . That leaves us stuck in a festival of analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents that can cause much damage as relief. By way of example, aspirin and ibuprofen are workhorses in my home, but the stomach has a very particular opinion about its performance. Experts know this, and are always looking for alternatives, though they still have doubts about one of the oldest: alcohol.

the beer is just a popular reference, it could be any other alcoholic beverage…

The anecdotes about patients completely drunk and undergoing surgery without anesthesia have multiplied with the passing of the years, but today we came across a study conducted by Dr. Trevor Thompson of the University of Greenwich, published in December 2016. After a meta-analysis of 18 controlled experiments and in line with the use of alcohol as an analgesic it was discovered that in blood average content of. 08% (límite legal en los Estados Unidos e Inglaterra) produces a minimal increase in pain threshold, and a reduction of 1.25 points in the intensity of the pain , on a scale from 0 to 10 (la condición de control era 5/10, y luego deel consumo bajó a 3.75/10).

that. 08% equivalent to three or four beers (dependiendo deel tipo y tamaño, claro está) however, the remarkable thing is that such reduction in the intensity of pain is more effective than paracetamol popular alcohol. More is say so, alcohol as an analgesic is a double-edged sword, and under critical situations can be quickly transformed into an addiction. I imagine that some of our readers will seek to put this to the test, and the obvious recommendation is always “with moderation”.

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