Airspace Interceptor, an autonomous drone capable of identifying and neutralizing other drones

 Airspace Interceptor

recently talked about many projects that fix your point of view on the need that many institutions have Government at the time of get that its restricted air space will not be invaded by drones . Thanks to this we have seen even trained Eagles that capture them, equipped with networks and even military cannons using missiles of more than $ 3.5 million.

with this in mind, today I want to talk to you about the new Airspace Interceptor a drone developed for, despite at first glance appears to be a common unit, to which you can purchase at any store, inside has been equipped with technology capable of identifying any type of drone that flies at some distance from this and even disable its control by its operator.

Airspace Interceptor goes a step beyond detection and remote control of other drones thanks to an innovative artificial intelligence system.

no doubt, as we can see because of the large number of projects trying to be that revolucionen this type of market, the benefits of being the first to offer a product that is capable of detecting and even take control of one drone any can throw large benefits. Airspace Interceptor is just a test more than this, a project that promises much and that even up to the United States Air Force has put to the test .

in terms of technical, noted that Airspace Interceptor has a complete system of artificial intelligence capable of mapping inside and understand how your environment without relying on an internet connection to access a database where is mapping the entire environment where they must carry out all its work. This allows you to react much more quickly and agile to a goal entering its airspace.

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