Airbus Aerial, a new division specializing in business services with drones

 Airbus Aerial

yesterday had the opportunity to talk about how there are many experts who believe that the next great trade war will be waged in heaven and one of the companies that had already moved tab was precisely Airbus with the creation of its new division Airbus Aerial same that it was presented to the world taking advantage of the presence of the company in the fair and AUVSI Xponential Conference in Dallas.

due to that inning not we could expand much on the Airbus Aerial targets, today I wanted to expose you better what will be this new division that, at least for now, will have offices in the United States and Europe and that, at least this has been confirmed, will focus on the development of new imaging services.

Airbus Aerial comes to commercially offer the vision of the future that the own Airbus has in the world of drones.

entering a little more in detail, the Airbus proposal passes through developing a new latest software that can make use of the most advanced technology of the moment to aerospace level coming from all over the world in order to provide useful data to analysis of information to all types of customers. All these data will be collected by drones, satellites, high-altitude aircraft and other sources.

as Dirk Hoke declared himself CEO of Airbus Defense and Space:

with Airbus Aerial are positioned in a superb way to fully support the development of the sector of commercial unmanned aerial systems. The company brings together partners from different areas of the sector such as vehicle manufacturers, data analysis companies, service providers and others, to offer large-scale, data-centric services.

Airbus Aerial will use the integrated combination of equipment, from UAS platforms until satellite images, in order to deploy a wide range of new services based on images. In the future, Airbus Aerial activities will be supplemented with drones of transport services and will provide connectivity by means of aerial equipment.

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