“Air Robotics is the first private company in the world to have permission to fly drones autonomous commercial

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Air Robotics

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many are companies who today struggle to get an official permission to to work with completely autonomous drones, including, for example, have to Amazon, which recently got permission to perform a series of tests in the United States, Google, DHL… Far from big names, today we learn that it has been nothing less than Air Robotics an israeli company, the first to be able to start working with completely autonomous commercial drones.

to achieve this milestone, far to much propaganda services, Air Robotics leaders opted for the opposite work silently with the Administration to get develop legislation, develop their drones according to the same and pass all tests. After all this, the Israel Civil Aviation Authority granted Air Robotics first certification in the world to fly drones pilotless something that will help significantly to follow working and to evolve their aircraft.

Air Robotics plans to expand its project to all types of businesses around the world.

at first, as shown by the leaders of the israeli company, this authorization will help solve many of the issues which may have industry drones such as the high costs in terms of logistics related to current transactions with these devices as well as the long and expensive training of drivers.

have been three applications that have received authorization by the Administration to be able to work autonomously. Among them we find the dron Optimus a model with 30 minute autonomy capable of carrying payloads of up to a kilogram of weight, a base station fully automated so the drone can land, take off, and swap their batteries and finally software that allows any authorized user to control manually the drone of a very simple and quick way.

among the clients who have already trusted Air Robotics and their stand-alone platform highlight Intel in Israel and Israel Chemical or 32 South Australian company. At the moment these are the three large multinationals that have relied on this technology, though, as announced from Air Robotics, the company is looking for expand operations around the world because, apparently, also have an authorization from the US administration.

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