Air cycle, Bridgestone tubeless

click a tire there is nothing fun. The process of change is already annoying by itself only, and must then take it to a specialist to place the corresponding patch. 21st century he owes us some important advances in tires and we’ve seen very interesting prototypes in the past, but I think that the first step should be the creation of a good airless tire. Bridgestone presented his concept in 2011, and now decided to expand it… cycle.

as someone who has destroyed a couple of bicycles as a child (?) punctured a tire is a very irritating aspect. The technology is stable, and showed its efficacy beyond all doubt, but something which leaves us thinking: would perhaps modern tires do not seem a little…? obsolete ? And not just bicycles, but also in larger vehicles. Previously studied concepts of dynamic tire changing its configuration, smart designs with ability to recharge batteries and spherical formats very futuristic, but would be much better to start by to remove the air.

farewell to the inflator and patches? We hope so

in that working people of Bridgestone . In fact, the project was revealed for the first time in 2011, and the difference is that now there is a legitimate interest of bringing This technology to the market of bicycles somewhere in 2019 . The images confirm a reduction in the size of the rays to give rise to a series of brackets made a special thermoplastic resin . These supports can absorb shock and adapt to irregularities as a normal tyre. Bridgestone

he had great care when choosing a bike ride to teach your new tires, and that gives us a pretty solid idea about your suggested application: rough urban low-speed, or land environments that demand an additional resistance. Some items indicate that the tires could reach cycling tracks in the next Olympic meeting in Tokyo, but the design in general is not very aerodynamic to say. Now, if you see in stores at a reasonable price… why not?

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