AI. Planet: Create animated planets and virtual

everyone at some point we imagine in create our own planet and virtual world, to live peacefully in our habitat. From Neoteo we are going to talk about AI. Planet, a creator of animated planets that has objects and species to create your own virtual world .

the platform allows you to see the world from different points of view, from the space, the ground or overhead, between other angles.
once downloaded the program from their official website, you will see that from its simple interface you can start create planets and habitats .

 An interesting platform a platform interesting

now are ready to to create planets and habitats virtual . Thanks to the option of adding objects, you won’t have problems in assembling such a system of ponds and insert objects and animal species.
From the toolbar of the platform (top) can add water, fish, hawks, ladybugs, mountains, rabbits, Tigers, etc. Each category has different subcategories, for example in “Water”, you’ll find four different types of water such as Iceberg, etc.

then create your virtual planet you can come or stay away from the platena, using the mouse wheel. But if you want to find the objects inserted in the virtual world. You will have to go to the option “Find ” and from the options you are looking for the species or objects. “

 create solar systems create systems solar

even though you can not live on your planet, we assure that with AI. You can create Planet to your liking and measurement. If you’re a lover of biodiversity and space, with the platform you can give rein to your imagination and create habitat, planets and solar systems .

AI. Planet is a free, portable program that is available for Windows operating systems. We recommend that the download link, you open a new tab from the Web browser. In our tests by clicking with the left button of the mouse, download not starting.

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