Against VR: Virtual experiment with the NES Classic

If you are a fan of the first against and you have the old HTC lives, then this you’ll love. A group of independent developers presents a virtual experiment with the classic NES that you have to try against VR.

If you ever wondered how would be the games of yore reimaginados with the gameplay of virtual reality you can now get a taste with this video. A group of independent developers presents against VR, a virtual experiment with the NES Classic that you can download and try the helmet HTC lives . This brief demo takes you back to the battle against the boss of level 3, Waterfall. Shadow Beast Entrance is the unforgettable alien located outside of the first enemy; It consists of an enormous head above the entrance of the base, and is armed with two cannons embedded in the shoulders of the alien that trigger explosives.

as in the original game, these same canyons are the weak point of this alien head and you have to Dodge his shots, concentrating all your power of fire in a Canyon at the same time to destroy it as soon as possible. Once both cannons are destroyed, it only is you shoot at the mouth of the head alien to make it explode, opening the entrance to the second base while enjoying a deserved victory. Although this demo against VR includes only this single battle against the boss of level, it is worth every second and will make you want to want another fight against the other heads. Let us hope that we continue seeing developers re-imagine more classic NES games like this in VR.

download: against VR

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