Adobe closes critical security vulnerabilities in Flash Player, reader, Acrobat, and Photoshop

Adobe security updates for Flash Player reader and Acrobat and Photoshop published. Close as critically classified vulnerabilities that allow to inject and execute malicious code under certain circumstances. An attacker could take over even the complete control of an affected system.

 Adobe (image: Adobe) Flash Player and earlier for Windows, X and Linux Mac OS seven vulnerabilities. Of them are also in Google chrome and Internet Explorer and edge of included plug-in the affected. A security advisory from Adobe that is four use-after-free bug and three memory error. They were discovered by employees of Google’s project zero, keen team, CloverSec Labs and Quihoo 360.

affected users should change as soon as possible on the new Flash Player version 25.0.0148, which offers Adobe Flash Player Download Center for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The distribution takes place but also for the update function of the application. Google and Microsoft update also their chrome browser or Internet Explorer and edge, the plug contained-in the patch.

users of Adobe PDF applications are threatened now by 47 vulnerabilities, that also allow remote code execution. Acrobat and reader DC 15.023.20070 are vulnerable or 15.006.30280 as well as Acrobat and reader XI (version 11.0.19) for Windows and Mac OS x. thanks to the support of numerous external security researchers should now be versions 2017.009.20044, 2015.006.30306, and 11.0.20 error-free.

Photoshop CC for Windows and Mac OS X can be pushed, however, using specially prepared PCX files for malicious code. Again, Adobe assumes that it is possible to inject code from a distance. A second vulnerability allows access to additional resources. Photoshop CC are affected by 2017 (version 18.0.1 and earlier) as well as Photoshop CC 2015.5 (version 17.0.1 and earlier. [])

more patches distributed businesses Adobe campaign and creative cloud desktop application . You plug three security holes. Adobe categorizes the updates but just as important. Hackers are currently in the location to read a campaign database or delete. The creative cloud client to better manage, however, in the future the permissions of resources during the installation. DISPLAY

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