Adguard: Download the ISO of Windows and images of the Microsoft Server

reinstalling Windows and Office is one of the most common all user must take. Unfortunately, access to physical copies is becoming more limited, especially if it is OEM licensing. Microsoft offers several mechanisms to obtain an ISO image of the desired product, but the process is cumbersome, and does not always work. The portal Adguard just a couple of clicks, download of images direct official servers.

the last week got my hands on a Dell computer with an original license of Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried to download an ISO image through official Microsoft portal, but when you enter the product key, simply told me that you go to the page of the manufacturer and get there recovery discs. Needless to say, the attitude of Microsoft sucks . At the end of the day, the network of networks and other users was in the same situation that led me to a compatible ISO image, and the computer returned to its owner without incident. Redmond said that by a matter of drivers and other features special can not provide Windows for those computers, but sometimes only want a clean ISO image and work from it.

Windows, Office, releases Insider, 32, or 64-bit. Almost everything is there.

The portal Adguard eliminates these obstacles and offers a simple interface with download links for all major versions of Windows (ya sean finales o builds deel programa Insider) and Microsoft Office . Adguard allows us to select the exact version of Windows, compatible with our license Edition, language, and finally the architecture (32 o 64 bits) . By the side of Office we find Office 2007 (cuyo soporte extendido finaliza en octubre) Office 2010, Office 2011 for Mac, Office 2013 and 2016 Office. As expected, Adguard does not have download of Enterprise or LTSB images.

the best part of Adguard so do not qualify as piracy . Without a proper license, ISO images are only trial versions. Microsoft should further simplify the access to this content, especially in cases of dark issues like Windows 7 Starter. The fact that Adguard works on browser overrides any dependency, and the rest is to dump the ISO image to a flash drive with sufficient space.

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