Acura Dealerships Near Me

Acura Dealerships Near Me

Acura is a company that is a division of the Japan motor vehicle luxury car from Honda. Acura automotive luxury brand is distinguished as the first Japan. That's really interesting about the brand is that it's a sub division of a famous car producers, Honda. Since Acura record began, became a worthy foe for many other luxury motor vehicle manufacturer.

The company unveiled in March 1986 in the market United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Also, unveiled in Mexico in 2004, and China 12 months 2006. But the new Honda will introduce this brand in the market of Japan around the entire12 months 2010. With this, Honda's Acura brand making himself as Japan's first automobile manufacturer that went into the luxury car market beyond your country.

After practically a decade of research, Honda finally inaugurated the 60 new car sellers across THE UNITED STATES in 1986, to aid its Acura Section. Because this is Japan's first luxury car brand, inability is no option. That is why it was unveiled as a vehicle that is made with perfection and superior performance. The brand was originally introduced through two models, Legend and integra. Fortunately, autos became quite successful and regarded end result worldwide famous companies like Lincoln resulted in pay attention.

The success of the flagship vehicle of the first (the Legend) result in a blend and even inspire many other Japan Vehicle manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota to introduce their luxury brands (Lexus, Infiniti and each).

In 1987, a complete 12 months sales of Acura brand, they can sell 109,000 units of vehicles, with sales of sedans reached 55,000 units, the Legend, and the Integra. The full year 1990, Acura managed to sell 138,000 units a vehicle (equate to the sales of the Mercedes-Benz that 78,000 units and 64,000 units for BMW and Lexus).

Although it has experienced, he has endured is strong and has managed to compete with luxury brands such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche and will continue to do it for years to come even.