Acer presents new digital signage formats displays DD550Abi and DS370bmid

Acer offers the Acer DD550Abi and the DS370bmid two new multi function displays for the rendering of media content in the public space. The new digital signage are formats can be ordered from now the delivery period is about three to four months.

the Acer DD550Abi from the double side series features a 55-inch, only 1.8 cm thin and double-sided display with LED backlight, which dissolves in full HD (1920 times 1080 pixels). The display can show independent from each other two different media at the same time. Thus is suitable for example for shopping malls or public spaces, that the digital signage can display content in multiple directions.

 Acer DS370bmid (image: Acer) Acer DS370bmid (image: Acer)

a more horizontally and vertically respectively 178 degree viewing angle will allow an optimal visibility of the contents displayed. The displays are anti-reflective, the brightness cd / m ² indicates the manufacturer with 700 contrast ratio with 4000:1 PIP or PBP functions allow two independent sources of content in an image to represent.

the Acer DD550Abi stele is supplied as a complete package in a stand, in also a PC as a player for the digital signage can be invisibly build content. The display is designed with its LEDs for continuous use – seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The display comes with an automatic cooling system. Acer specifies the life time with up to 50,000 hours what would correspond to approximately 5.7 years in continuous operation.

 Acer DD550Abi (image: Acer) Acer DD550Abi (image: Acer)

the 37-inch screen Acer DS370bmid from the digital stretch series comes in the stretch format 32:9 with resolution of 1920 times 540 pixels. The extreme width makes the display like a canvas. The special format makes it possible to represent contents in an unusual manner, for example, on shelves in stores. Acer are the maximum brightness of 1000 cd / m ² and with 4000:1 contrast ratio.

the Acer DS370bmid can be operated in the horizontal as well as vertical mode – for example, before a pillar -. A digital signage player, including unusual media content to let public appeal represent. It is also possible to establish a video wall consisting of of up to 3 x 3 displays that are connected by a DVI port via daisy chain. In addition, the Acer DS370bmid with two 5-Watt speakers is equipped. As well as the Acer double side series is the Acer digital stretch series for the 24/7 continuous operation and achieved a lifetime also up to 50,000 hours with the help of the automatic cooling system. DISPLAY

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