Acer introduces 37.5 inch curved monitor XR382CQK for professional use

Acer extends its XR series from April to the 37.5-incher XR382CQK. The curved monitor is designed for multimedia enthusiasts, gamers and other professionals. He comes with QHD resolution, Freesync support and extensive multitasking features. The suggested retail price will be 1299 euro.

the 37.5 inches (95 centimeters) wide Acer XR382CQK offers a representation in the 21:9-pixel time format, a QHD resolution of 3840 1600 and a moderate curvature of 2300R. AMD FreeSync technology should provide a smooth appearance with fast image sequences. FreeSync votes the rendering speed of the graphics unit and monitor each other to create a smooth look without tearing and Judder effects.

 Acer XR382CQK (image: Acer) Acer XR382CQK (image: Acer)

the IPS Panel allows a high viewing angle up to 172 degrees horizontally and 178 degree vertical. By the 100% sRGB color space coverage of Acer XR382CQK also good for graphics applications to offer. Brightness cd / m ² specifies the manufacturer with 300, 5-millisecond response time.

the screen offers numerous features that will increase the productivity of professional users. Picture-by-picture allows, for example, the use of two inputs for the same monitor to show different content side by side on a screen and to work on two projects at the same time. It can also watch your favorite movies or videos users, while they create content, pay bills or do other tasks. It also allows the daisy-chain capability of multi monitor set-ups, which thanks to ZeroFrame design are visually nearly seamless.

the GameView technology can quickly toggle player between three customizable display profiles to optimize settings, without having to control the OSD menu. The changeable value of black is among other features, so that better perceived dangers in the dark. In addition, gamers can enable a target help for the perfect shot and change the refresh rate. The ambient light includes various colors, the effects of which can be adjusted such as pulsing light via the OSD menu.

 Acer XR382CQK (image: Acer) Acer XR382CQK (image: Acer)

connection options like HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort v1. 2 and a quadruple USB 3.0 hub with connections to the side and below the display to allow a quick connection from mouse, keyboard, gaming headset, and other devices. The monitor has also a USB 3.1-Type-C-Anschluss (Gen1) for fast data transfer of up to 5 GB / s

the monitor can be tilted (-5 to + 35 degrees), turning (+/-30 degrees) and adjusted in the height by up to 13 Zenimeter and thus individually adapted. He is also equipped with a blue light filter, ComfyView, Acer EyeProtect, low dimming technologies to prevent screen glare and excess lighting. Two 7-Watt speakers with DTS sound provide the sound.

the dimensions are 896,9 times 457,6 times 308.9 mm. The foot is completely extended he is correspondingly 13 centimeters higher and then on good 587 mm. DISPLAY

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