Accessories for your Apple TV 4: supports for television

 supports Apple TV 4

comes the second installment of articles devoted exclusively to your Apple TV 4! First delivery you could show a series of covers and protectors to protect your Remote Siri to perfection.

on this occasion we will teach you some supports to be able to hang the TV Apple TV 4, so you’re not bothering on the top of your Cabinet or table.


support for hanging your Apple TV 4 television

 accessory Apple TV 4

I do not know you, but to me it bothers me very much have the entire table where I have the TV full of cables that cross from one side to another. With the option that you’ve just seen, your table, desk or furniture will be more clear from cables.

in principle is designed to hang the Apple TV 4’s own television, but as fastening which leads is simply a layer of glue you can hang it where better you come: own TV, the wall, the table-leg…

I’ve seen several models at prices somewhat exorbitant, but this I leave by here has a quite affordable for everyone, since it costs €10.

support to hang the remote control

 support Apple TV support for control of Apple TV

the alternative more attractive, and slightly different, is a stand to place the remote control unit attached to your TV – see wall or other surface. This support is also is compatible with the remote control for the Apple TV 3 .

is a good deal longer for just 7 euros and a half including you not only support, but also a cover to protect your command and a small strap.

from here will be able to buy it. Seems to me a pretty good idea not to have lost control out there. And so far has reached this series of two articles on accessories to our Apple TV 4. The main drawback that has this device is that there are very few accessories to be able to complement it .

if we leave covers protection, protective foils and stands there is much more where search. The only accessory that deserves a special mention would be the command Nimbus to play.

I’m not especially partisan play from on Apple TV, but as for tastes the colors, I recommend that control since they say it is the best.

with nothing more to add, see you soon in more articles. Don’t forget to leave your comments on what you think the accessories that you have provided in this article.

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