A scheme of the iPhone 8 filters with double vertical camera and Wireless charging

 iPhone 8

Yes although it is true that during the last days we stopped not see possible schemes over”alleged”designs of the next iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition,…). Today we may be one of the more realistic sketches more expected by many users so far.

new sketch of possible iPhone 8

so far, the leaks showed an iPhone with a large dimension screen where the Touch ID stood at the back of the device. Well, it seems that it could be different. Following this new leaked sketch, we have an iPhone with a dual camera with a flash centered between both lenses . While other elements (such as the speaker of the headset, front camera, and sensors) also would be located in the same locations that other leaks have already commented before.

 iPhone scheme 8 Touch ID not would be in the back as other publications had indicated previously. This could indicate that fingerprint sensor would be included in the display of the next iPhone . Many analysts have predicted that the output from this terminal to the market would soon occur due to the difficulty of including this technology under the screens OLED that it would include the iPhone 8.

Wireless charging and Touch ID on the screen

However, it is possible that the alleged scheme is just a simple engineering drawing. You must not rely on possible leaks until we don’t see more realistic images of the device. However, the person who is sharing the sketch today holds that 8 iPhone will support the Wireless charging 5 meters which suggests something different to the “wireless” Inductive charging that method already incorporates the Apple Watch.

 iPhone Wireless charging 8 Wireless charging stand, but we have to wait some more time to see if the analysts who had predicted the arrival of this technology end up hitting or not.

I certainly expected a chip A11 more powerful than the current A10 that incorporate the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, the same resistance to water and dust than its predecessor and who knows if some other surprise by iOS 11 . At the moment we will have to keep dreaming but hopefully are facing the actual filtration of the next iPhone 8.

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