A possible 8 iPhone sleeve filters with vertical camera and Touch ID front

a new leak shows the first possible case of iPhone 8. You can see the vertical camera, but not Touch ID on your back hollow. It indicates that Apple has managed to incorporate it into the front?

new filtering indirect iPhone 8

and not only there are leaks about what will bring and that no future iPhone 8. There are rumors of all kinds, from double vertical camera, Touch ID on the back, load wireless… A madness of rumor mill.

this time we bring you something related to iPhone 8, but that is indirectly related these rumors that we are quoting from months ago. He is a filter made from KK Sneak Leaks via twitter. The image in question shows a transparent cover of what seems to be the iPhone 8.

 cover iPhone 8

would be one of the first leaks of 8 iPhone covers. Obviously it is a case of a vendor outside Apple, i.e., third-party. Many times we have known the final design of the iPhone thanks to leaks of cases. is this a filtration of the final prototype?

the truth is that everything is consistent with many of the current rumors, but two that stand out most are the dual vertical camera and the absence of Touch ID on the back.

the Touch ID on the front and dual camera vertical

you can think that it could be a case of the current iPhone 7, but if you realize, the recess of the Chamber is open down, indicating the presence of a vertical camera.

not exist Touch ID hollow in this case, everything would indicate that Apple would be working on integrating fingerprint reader in the screen itself which said that they would have left for more later time problems. Everything contradicts itself, since the rumor that sounds most like is the fact of placing the reader in the back, as can be seen in many phones with Android.


website stressing highlights the bonnet – double vertical Chamber and absence of Touch ID – can see the power button would be in the same place to which we are accustomed from the iPhone 6.

the medium MacRumors indicates that this button appears rather more elongated than normal, as specified in any fictitious filtration.  volume controls remain, equally, in the same place.

Finally, at the bottom, we see a unique niche dedicated to charger, very probably Lightning and holes for the speaker, as in the 7 iPhone covers. Apparently, covers manufacturers are doing the hottest rumors and then case that “to look like both”. “

see multiple iPhones

 iPhone 8 concept prototype of Apple’s iPhone 8

as you may already know, most likely Apple will launch various models of the iPhone this year, releases OLED and S versions with LCD display.

is also rumored that 8 iPhone design will resemble much the aesthetic design of the iPhone 4 and 4S at least occasionally to materials, because that will be surrounded by an aluminium frame, and covered on his backside by glass. From here you can read the article in this respect.

although surely that can first get our hands are the S versions of the iPhone, since as you have at this news, iPhone 8 output could delay until November.

what design do you like more? With or without Touch ID on the back?

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