A nightmare: Battletoads, for Nintendo NES, now has a mode for four players

Battletoads will always be remembered for their vile difficulty. is a classic of the 8-bit era, Yes, certainly, but also the infamous causing thousands of broken friendships. do remember you, truth? the game was already a difficult one, almost impossible if you ask the less skilled, but in mode two players… Phew, a two was a nightmare! The two “ soon to be ex-amigos ” should be experts in the muscular frogs game, because if one of them lost their lives… both should start the level again! From the beginning!

I never had a regular partner of Battletoads in my life because they were short and violent relationships. Yes, violent. Because, for worse, there was no option to disable the “ friendly fire “. Which means that you could paste your friend if you cross his path (and vice versa). This never was a problem in the first level, a beat’em up quite fun and simple. The problem began at the second level, when frogs fall through a hole in the ground and acquire the power to make an attack which runs – without control – much of the screen. The anger! Propinados insults! The outrage! There was no friendship, by more strong that out, who would resist that.

total chaos!

and now come with this! A Battletoads with support for four players in simultaneous ! If even I have so many friends that fight me! But yes, that is what has made NakeuD2007 hacker of ROMs and user of the brilliant site Romhacking.net . And, in truth, did an excellent job. As you can see in the video, the game completely squeezes the NES hardware, although at the expense of a greater “ flickering ” than usual. Too irritating was already playing it alone… nor want to imagine the torture which should be playing this with three more!

how to apply the patch to the ROM?

If you have enough enemies to test this modification, forward. You only need the Battletoads ROM and the patch created by NakeuD2007 . To patch the game should unzip both files (both the ROM and the patch). You will see that the patch has been the icon of a red lunita. Double click on the lunita. And a question of what ROM want to patch, you should only choose the Battletoads (whose extension must be “NES”) and click Open. Ready!

no doubt soon will see videos of people playing it a four and passing it without too many problems or conflicts. But until you see it, don’t believe it.

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