A new hotfix causes errors on Windows 10

the crisis of quality control that spans Microsoft is unsustainable over time. The company canceled ‘Patch Tuesday’ in February, leaving users without protection for two months, and exposed to a 0-day . Last week the new became hotfix Windows 10, KB4013429 and from what we observe in some forums, another delay would have been preferable. Errors in “restore system” problems of rendering about Internet Explorer 11, Windows DVD Player that will not open and a very long installation waiting converted to KB4013429 into a nightmare.

Creators Update is just around the corner. «April» is all that can get you at Microsoft these days, and we will not deny that there is activity. More than ten builds were circulating in recent weeks, divided between desktop and Windows Mobile 10 versions. But mistakes in hotfixes for stable installations of Windows 10 remain riveted as stakes. If add you mandatory and automatic profile updates, the result is a significant amount of users by venting their frustrations on the Web. The last pain’s… head is KB4013429 . My main terminal received it the day of its release, “Patch Tuesday” March 14 and although it caused no problems, yes it took much to settle.

all went well this side… but many users suffered the latest hotfixes

Unfortunately, many people had worse luck. Some of the things that KB4013429 went bankrupt after its installation are system restore, Windows DVD Player (y otros reproductores que dependan deel códec MPEG-2 de Microsoft) and Internet Explorer 11 with Dynamics CRM 2011 rendering errors. Seven days of advantage, somebody would like to think that Redmond had time enough to sort this, but what we have seen so far is a hotfix out of band, KB4015438 which corrects the problem in Windows DVD Player, and a condition deadlock in Switch Embedded Teaming. There are no data on system restore, or the situation of CRM.

the shortcut more popular to solve the problems of KB4013429 was, before the new fix download a copy and proceed to manual installation, but now it is suggested do the same with KB4015438 (si no lo recibieron vía Windows Update) and wait. It would not surprise me see another patch in the next few hours, and if Outlook is so complicated, I think that the best will be to take distance from the Creators Update for a couple of weeks.

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