A four-year-old boy saves the life of her mother thanks to Siri

 Siri call emergency

the protagonists of this story are two. The first one is Roman, a London child of 4 years in May last year found her mother unconscious on the floor of his house . The second is Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple, thanks to which Roman was able to contact emergency services and to save the life of his mother.

Roman activated Siri and asked for help for his mother

Roman is the eldest of his brothers, and with only 4 years because it has become the hero of his house . On May 7, his mother faded at home for no apparent reason and was lying unconscious on the ground . The boy sought help through the iPhone from his mother. It had sufficient capacity to activate Siri and ask for help for her mom . Thanks to the skill of the minor and the capabilities of the tool, on the other side of the line appeared an operator of British emergency services .

no alarm to Roman, the operator led the child to obtain the necessary information on the situation. Roman said that his mother was on the ground, with eyes closed and breathing. The operator then asked the child that trying to move it to see if responded, something that did not happen . Roman was then provide their address, which it did without any problem, and can thus mobilize health services. Just 13 minutes later came the attendances, which had to take the door down because of the inability of the child to open, effectively finding the mother of Roman unconscious on the floor .

Roman MOM is already at home with their children

after recovering consciousness, the woman had to be taken to hospital to undergo some tests. A few days later she was fully recovered and received medical discharge . The Metropolitan Police has decided to publish this story today. According to the police spokesman, Ade Adelekan, the mother of Roman is very proud of his son, which has been able to save his life .

and you, do you think of this story?, do you think that Smartphones have become a vital part in helping save a life?

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