A Beijing court favours Apple by a lawsuit against the design of the iPhone 6

 iPhone with iOS

it is more or less a year, Apple became embroiled in a situation somewhat uncomfortable for them, since they were accused of plagiarism. At the end everything went well for the Cupertino.

Apple accused of plagiarism of patents

in this case, the Court of Beijing accused Apple of infringing certain patents, proving to be the copy of a Chinese phone. Apparently the Cupertino there were faster in getting to market the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, eluding this accusation.

the company in question is Shenzhen Baili and copied phone would be the smartphone 100 c. Shenzhen sued Apple because apparently had copied literally all the exterior design of your terminal.

in the end, good news for Apple

 copy 6 Apple iPhone comparison between two terminals

when it began to process the whole issue of the complaint by copy of patents, in Beijing were completely suspended sales of the iPhone but got an appeal before a court to be able to continue selling.

but in the end things have gone well for the Apple, because demand has been withdrawn. Since the Court have recognized that Apple has not violated any patents that have been filed by Shenzhen Baili.

that same Court also said that “ the features of the iPhone 6 would completely change the effect of the entire product, and made that both phones were easily distinguishable in the eyes of consumers .

was a strategy by Shenzhen Baili?

many companies try to gain fame, and most of the time not on its own merits. Similarly, to Shenzhen Baili did not you come off very well, and not only for not winning the demand.

apparently this company, together with its subsidiary conjunction collapsed in the Chinese market, since he suffered a bad management, in addition to being harshly accused of selling poor-quality phones.

via South China Morning Post

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