“92% of iPhone users claim that will renew your device

 iPhone 6s up your box

after a study it is estimated that 92% of current users of iPhone renewed its product in the next 12 months.

9 out of every 10 will renew its iPhone

This estimate was conducted through a survey conducted this year, in particular during the month of April, the Morgan Stanley analyst. She is asked 1,000 iPhone owners, over 18 years, in the United States. When this survey was conducted, the Apple-fidelity index stood at an 86 percent, below the all-time high that would be achieved by the year 2015, where the index reached 93%, coinciding with the departure of the 6s iPhone.

the results show as the 92% of the surveyed users renew your iPhone long for the next 12 months. Results presented in the following statement:

“it is important to note that Apple loyalty rates increase occurs after Samsung, the biggest competitor of Apple in the United States, to present the S8 Galaxy, which was available to purchase reserve on 30 March. The index of loyalty of Apple, 92%, Dwarfs all other providers, with Samsung gaining a retention rate of 77%, followed by LG (59%), Motorola (56%) and Nokia (42%) “. []”

the publication of these results so flattering to the company from Cupertino, after analyzing surveys 1,000 homeowners, made that price for the actions of Apple industry . Prior to this publication, the value of the shares was $ 161, encrypts it amounts to $ 177, given the growing confidence showing your users face the next year 2018.

 iPhone 7 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

these data on the high probability that current users renew their product, could see themselves reflected in the short term, with the possible departure of the new iPhone is 2017 at the WWDC of June or, more likely, with the release of the new iPhone 8 scheduled for autumn of this year.

a new model that might include some improvements very awaited by Apple users, as they are a major screen OLED to the edges of the telephone, Wireless charging and home and touch button integrated in the display of the same ID. In addition, a change of material for the back of the device, preferring glass instead of the current aluminum.

all indications are that, at least, the U.S. market will renew their terminals with the release of new models at the end of the year.

renew your iPhone when it goes on sale the new iPhone 8?

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source: MacRumors

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