87 fake Minecraft mods in the Google play store discovered ESET security researchers have in the

Google play store tracked 87 fake and malicious mods for Microsoft’s popular Minecraft game. The fake apps annoy the player at least with intrusive ads, make it possible but also dangerous malware downloads, or redirect to fraudulent websites.

 alleged Minecraft mod (screenshot: ZDNet.de)

almost one million users were seduced to install of the fake mods that don’t even provide the promised functionality. “Careful is required for third-party apps,” warns malware expert Lukáš Štefanko. That applies all the more to apps that promise additional functions for already installed applications.

as first group of fake apps the Slovak antivirus provider ESET made 14 fake applications as Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JL, that for extensive advertising provides. Would have to give an indication already that they were regularly extremely negative reviews of disgruntled users.

suspicious make should also, if such a fake app once required device administrator after its launch and “Block Launcher Pro” as a additional module would like to install, in order to obtain further permissions. Only a static Minecraft background that has no clickable elements beckons as a reward. The app wants to show rather ample advertising, which is concerned about an own Downloader. This seems relatively harmless, but such Downloader can download just as malware, what keeps ESET for the next logical step in the malware developers.

more 73 alleged Minecraft mods categorized the security company as Android/FakeApp.FG. They reached 900,000 installations between January and March, before they were reported Google’s security team. These apps show a download button, which actually opens a scam Web page in the browser. The user raised are about alleged jackpot prizes, fake updates, false virus alerts, coupon offers, surveys, and more. From the IP address of the victim, it is dependent on language in which Web pages appear.

a blog ESET has instructions for manual removal of fake apps. While the second category of scam-apps is easy to remove in the application manager, the device administrator must be deprived of the first group of advertising display Downloader first.

Microsoft had bought Minecraft together with the original Swedish Development Studio Mojang 2014 for $2.5 billion . Malware writers tried earlier to take advantage of the continuing popularity of the simulation game. 2015 were around 30 scareware apps in the Google play store that there had disguised themselves as cheat apps for Minecraft . DISPLAY

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