8 iPhone would have better sound and would be more resistant to the water

is a new rumor that would entail a considerable sound of the next iPhone 8 better, as well as better resistance to water, according to the JPMorgan source. one simple rumor or something true?

a more powerful 8 iPhone in every way

virtually every day appear new rumors about Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 8, but today has not had heard before and the official launch date each day is closer.

above have heard and read all : screen OLED (the much-talked-about), Wireless charging, various provisions in the Touch ID functions… an endless possibilities that make you want to know and the final characteristics.

 resistance water iPhone 7 8 iPhone would have a greater resistance to water on the iPhone 7

this time the rumor comes from JPMorgan, and wouldn’t be nothing more and nothing less, than improvement in sound as well as the improvement in resistance to water.

this improvement of receivers of sound, one of them located right on the top of the screen, where we listen to our phone calls, already have begun to see the iPhone 7, ensuring that the sound was better than iPhone 6s model.

how have sound receptors?

 speaker iPhone 7 sound improved in 8 of Apple iPhone

source has not described exactly what they are having, but we suppose to be a general improvement in the sound, give a little volume to hear better.

in addition, if we speak in terms of resistance to water, speakers also would be resilient, more water with a possible certification IP68, data that already has been rumored for months in the networks.

rumors more dreamed until now

there are such a lot of rumors that often already lost count of them. So we are going to provide a small list where you can read the most prominent and current to date.

something very cool, that in fact you have yesterday is the possibility of the AirPods to come within the iPhone box 8, thing, either: it is a false rumorr, or 8 iPhone is going to be really expensive, since no one gives nothing, and less a product of €180.

and attached to the issue of price, already know that it was rumored that, indeed, the next iPhone will turn out very expensive base. In particular from $1000, what choice a bit with the possible incorporation of the AirPods in own box of the iPhone.

in terms of design, there are too many rumors. JPMorgan says design will be very similar to the iPhone 4 with steel and glass body frames. It will also incorporate one greater battery, Wireless charging, facial recognition…

we can only wait and see what rumors become reality when we can see in the Keynote in which occurs this iPhone 8, but what we do have clear is that it will be much desired, depending on what is being seen by social networks during these months. Let’s hope that Apple surprise us, since a long time ago that you don’t.

via macrumors

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