8 iPhone will change the paradigm because of the augmented reality technology

 augmented reality on an iPhone 8

in the last few months rumors of the iPhone 8 will have increased. And as usually happens, the futuristic characteristics attributed to the next generation are several.
Most of those rumors not likely to become a reality, although some are repeated between different analysts and possibly if we get to see them in the next iPhone .

iPhone 8 bets for augmented reality

one of the rumors we have heard in the mouth of several analysts is precisely by the augmented reality Apple bet.
Ensuring that the new iPhone will have this technology and will cause a revolution in the industry.

thus ensures it Gene Munster well-known journalist with a vast experience in Apple products.
According to Munster, the next iPhone will feature a augmented reality technology that will cause a “change of paradigm” in the technology industry.

it will not be a trigger of sales for Apple in the coming years, but will lay the groundwork for the next computing paradigm.

gene Muster based his theory on the leadership of Apple in the world of technology, as well as their ability to do business.

 AR iPhone 8

different analysts predict a good future for Apple

different analysts say that Apple will grow in sales with the arrival of next iPhone . Creating a high demand for the expected iPhone 8 (if you so decide to call it Apple).
These high expectations of growth of Apple have already been reflected in the company. Getting to Apple shares pass from $140 per share to 160 .

regard to augmented reality, Apple has been doing various engagements in recent times to enhance this feature.

see, high expectations by the arrival of the iPhone are 8 . Not only users, but also for analysts and the press in general.
Let’s hope that Apple does not disappoint us and revolutionize the market with a new iPhone.

via 9to5Mac

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